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I was born and grew up in Uppland and was taught to play when I was just a kid by my father. Already as a child, I had the privilege of meeting and playing with great players such as Viksta Lasse and Eric Sahlström. Later, after training as a violinist at Sveriges Radio's music school at Edsberg Castle and at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels, I was employed in the Umeå Symphony Orchestra at the Norrland Opera.

As if on the side, I started playing the nyckelharpa. It eventually took over and became my main instrument. I play of course folk music, but I also try to mix the nyckelharpa into classical music, mainly from the Baroque period. I have performed as a soloist with Sweden's Radio Symphony Orchestra, Drottningholm's Baroque Ensemble, Stockholm's Baroque Orchestra and symphony orchestras in Umeå, Örebro and Gävle, as well as toured in Europe, Asia and the USA together with the mezzo-soprano Ann-Sofie von Otter.

In 2014, I received Zorn's gold medal with the justification "Virtuoso, masterful and tradition-conscious playing on the violin and nyckelharpa". The highest award you can receive as a folkmusician. I am very proud of that.


 I give concerts. Partly as a soloist or alone, but also in different constellations. I have a group called "Folk & Co" with my brother Pär Näsbom and Jurg Nietlispach. We play traditional Swedish folk music, but mostly self-composed songs.

 I have a duo with bassplayer Sebastien Dube'. 

I play together with the nyckelharpa player Josefina Paulson. 

Erik Rydvall and I also do concerts with both folk music but also a lot of baroque music. We have, among other things, played Bach's double concerto with orchestra. 

I also play with organist Lukas Arvidsson.

I play baroque music and folkmusic with harpsichordist Andreas Edlund. 

With Semmy Stahlhammer I play baroque music, klezmer and Swedish folk music. 

I also give private lessons in nyckelharpa. Both live and via Skype or Zoom. 

I also make recordings in my studio. Have made covers for, among others, Refused and various other pop and rock bands. Have the opportunity to record a string quartet.